About the ride

[Map courtesy Adventure Cycling Association]

(Map courtesy Adventure Cycling Association)

We’re riding across America, along the Southern Tier route from San Diego to St. Augustine, Florida, starting at the beginning of March 2010. The route is approximately 3,100 miles, and should take us a little less than 60 days to complete. And so we have a good reason for doing it, we’re raising money for Big City Mountaineers along the way.

We hope to hit a goal of $6,200, which will help BCM deal with some of ths costs of sending out approximately 50 weeklong backcountry trips in California, Colorado, the Pacific Northwest and the Boundary Waters. Each trip matches 5 at-risk urban teenagers with 5 adult mentors, for what is many of the kids’ first trip into the outdoors, and a new perspective for them. To donate, click here.

2 responses to “About the ride

  1. I hope y’all swing thru Austin. Or somewhere close. Lemme know y’alls Texas stops, I got people who could put you up.


  2. Ditto. I live in Austin and have a pizza blog where I take interesting people out for pizza and blog about it. Would love to take y’all for pizza and give you some local PR if you come through. Lemme know.

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