Welcome sponsor Salvagetti Bicycle Workshop

salvagetti logoIf you decide to undertake something like this ride and you’re looking for support, it helps to have a friend in the bicycle business. It helps even more to have a friend who owns one of the fastest-growing, best bike shops in your city.

I was out climbing one Saturday when Scott Taylor called me and asked if I might be able to help him move his bike shop from its formerly cramped space on Speer Boulevard in Denver, to his new building at 1611 Platte Street. Of course, us Iowa folk never miss a move (can we not resist lifting heavy stuff? free pizza?), and I showed up for 6 hours of sanding and varnishing the new place, and hauling bikes, tires, and clothes out of the old space into a moving truck.

I’ve never actually bought a bicycle from Scott, and I think he could care less — of course I buy tons of parts from him instead, and probably spent more on breakfast than on bike parts when we first knew each other.

I’m sure Scott knew I’d say yes when he asked me for help, and I knew he’d say yes when I asked him to back this bike ride, through product donations and introducing us to other potential sponsors.

Hope the new Salvagetti jerseys are ready in time for our start in San Diego in March 2010!

One response to “Welcome sponsor Salvagetti Bicycle Workshop

  1. Thanks for your kind words. We’re mostly just excited to hear the stories you have from riding thousands of miles.

    And about how you discovered chamois cream half way through.

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