Welcome sponsor Louis Garneau

louis_garneau logo3,100 miles is roughly the total I ride in a year, pedaling around Denver for 52 weeks. Doing that same mileage in less than two months, we are going to abuse a lot of things —  tires, bike components, legs, feet, and of course, clothing. Salvagetti Bicycle Workshop was kind enough to introduce us to the folks at cycling apparel company Louis Garneau, to help out with some of the gear we need for this trip.

Local Garneau rep Ken Miner of 365 Sports was quick to get behind the cause and arrange for us to receive a Pro Carbon ETS Jersey, a Carbon Ion H-Flexx Bib, and a Titan Carbon Helmet (perfect timing on that one since I just crashed and wasn’t sure if I hit my head or not) — and these items are some of the top of the Garneau line.


A special thanks to Ken and Louis Garneau. We’ll do our best to make sure we see that this stuff makes it all the way across California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida.

One response to “Welcome sponsor Louis Garneau

  1. I drove West to East across Texas one time. It took three days. I hope the exercise keeps you focused, the only way I could tell I was making progress was by the occasional county line signs. Awesome that you got sponsored, I wonder if Keebler’s Orange Peanut Butter Cracker department would sponsor you.

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