Welcome sponsor BOB!

When you’re dumb enough to try to ride an old steel racing bike across the country, carrying all your camping and cooking gear, clothes, food, tools, cameras, computers, and photos of your girlfriend, the question “How am I going to get all this on my bike?” becomes a big issue. We approached BOB a few months ago, asking if they’d like to sponsor us on some level, and just before Christmas, they offered to provide one Ibex trailer, the toughest they make (notice the shock on the back, and the big fatty tire).

There are a handful of other trailer companies, but no one makes one this efficient, with its one-wheel design. (We did find one company that makes a bike trailer that turns into a camp chair.)

We’ll see if we can attach a Big City Mountaineers summit flag under the yellow BOB flag on the trailer. Thanks to Jennifer Cambier and BOB for their support!

2 responses to “Welcome sponsor BOB!

  1. Very cool. You forgot about the 5-pound stash of tofu you should have with you at all times.

    It looks solid enough to withstand typical “Brendan-use”. Should hold…

  2. Just put lots of air pressure in that fat tire. Looks burley, but that often means added rolling resistance. I don’t envy your mountain descents or high wind situations. I’ll be interested to hear a review.

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