Day 1: San Diego to Alpine, CA

We got a pretty late start this morning, after waiting for Bernie’s Bike Shop to open at 9:30, and then repacking all our stuff. By the time we actually started our first wobbly pedaling with our 50-pound trailers, it was 11:30, and then we took a wrong turn. After that, the route was pretty relentlessly up, and we ended the day in Alpine, elevation 2,000 feet, only 34.5 miles from the start, by my count. Ready for a full day tomorrow, likely in the rain.

Tony wrestles with a water bottle cage or something in the courtyard of the lovely Ocean Beach Hotel in San Diego.

Lots of people dip their rear tire in the Pacific Ocean at the start of the ride. We decided to go all in and get in all the way up to our ankles so we would have the pleasure of riding the first 35 miles with wet feet.

These motivational fortune cookie messages brought to you by the Chinese/Sushi place about 150 feet from our hotel in Alpine.

Two things I love: Steph, and donuts. What an awkward name for a donut shop. But they were open after dinner.

I did not eat this donut, which was $3.95.

9 responses to “Day 1: San Diego to Alpine, CA

  1. That is one massive donut! And those motivational fortune cookies are great. Better than the “Don’t leave your wife” type messages.

  2. You guys are hilarious! Thank you for the blogs. This is going to be FUN!!!

  3. The journey begins! Although, I’d have definitely taken off my shoes and socks.

  4. I can’t believe you didn’t go for the donut. What a bargain!

  5. Did you smash an avian bottle over your front wheel to mark the vogage?

  6. Wow you did not eat that donut? One day and you have already changed. YOU SHOULD OF ATE THE SHIT OUT OF THAT THING! Following this blog is going to be fucking AMAZING!

  7. Mary would have eaten the donut. But, she would have asked for sprinkles.

  8. Hole-y Donut, that’s big! Thanks for the great photos. Looks like an awesome adventure.

  9. Love the name of the donut place…but I think I enjoy the look on your face and the thumbs up more 🙂

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