Day 3: Jacumba, CA to Brawley, CA

We took it really easy today, with a short climb out of Jacumba along the border fence, and then reversed our 4,000 feet of elevation gain in a matter of minutes. Or, as Tony put it, it took us two days to climb a mountain, and 30 minutes to go down. Might have been a good idea for me to adjust my brakes this morning, before that descent. The rest of the day was fairly flat, and private — we spend about an our riding on a rough road from Ocotillo to a place on the map called “Plaster City,” which as far as I could tell was a big sheet rock plant in the middle of the desert. And no one was around on Sunday. We ended the day in Brawley, which is actually 113 feet below sea level, or about 5300 feet below the floor of my apartment in Denver.

We discussed at dinner, during which each of us ate our own medium pizza and then got milkshakes at Carl’s Jr., that we might be the first people to actually gain weight doing this. Whatever.

HEre's what I like about breakfast: Tony shot this, and my omelette and potatoes are already almost gone. I'm working on the french toast.

But then there are the horse pills, the 10 amino acid tablets Tony has me taking every morning. Much has changed since we were 21.

I don't know why I'm so captivated by this border fence. I thought about just going for it and running and jumping over, a la Steve McQueen in The Great Escape, but I couldn't get the nerve up. I like how they left a gap where the mountain gets a little steep, like, "Hey, if you can get past this section, that's fine."

I couldn't believe how fast we were flying by these signs, 3000, 2000, 1000 ... I kept thinking my brakes were just going to stop working and a deer would jump onto the freeway from the shoulder and I'd have to try to Fred Flinstone my bike and trailer with the heels of my bike shoes.

On the road from Ocotillo to Plaster City, there was so little traffic that you could risk riding next to your buddy with your camera and trying to shoot photos of him while steering with your other hand.

Hey dude, thanks for letting me finish peeing before you got out your camera and started snapping photos.

Outside Brawley, Calif.

10 responses to “Day 3: Jacumba, CA to Brawley, CA

  1. Hmm…breakfast. Eat up. Mayo awaits on the other side of the country.

  2. Remarkable that you had room for the french toast after eating those amino acid pills!

    Glad you’re underway and all is well! Snowing yesterday and today in the Mile High City. Brawley looks like big fun!

    Lots of us enjoying the ride with you guys….

  3. B, I am LOVING your updates! Keep’em flowing!!!

  4. I love reading these blogs and checking the pictures! Keep on truckin’

  5. Not sure what’s more impressive – the hand full of chalk you eat everyday or the frequency with which you blog.

  6. Dude; is that lotion on your hands?

  7. Waiting for day 4!!!!!!!!! I’m in a glass cage of emotion waiting for the update!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Much Love!

  8. Stephanie Maltarich

    Your updates are awesome! I can’t believe how many fans you have! Well, I guess I can believe it 🙂

  9. SWEET!! Keep them sleds running smooth. How about more expression type photos? ENJOY!!!

  10. Hi,
    If the opportunity presents itself, when you get to Silver City drop by the public library at the corner of College and Cooper streets and ask for Glenn. Our mutual friend Maynard let me know of your journey and I’ve been following the progress. We are open tomorrow until 7:30 p.m.

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