Day 5: Blythe, CA, to Brenda, AZ

Today was a mercifully short 41 miles, but almost all freeway. Tony’s knee has been in pretty bad shape so far, and my chain needed a bath, so it was good to end early. I am remembering how long it has been since we spent a lot of time together, and I laugh when I catch him yelling “7 feet” back through the door at a convenience store, as the cashier has asked him the question, “How tall are you?” as he exited. If I’m standing with him, I like to interrupt and tell people that I’m 5’11”, but no one seems to care. Today, a lady in the Country Store in Brenda said something like, “Well, a 7-footer,” like she had just caught a rare fish or something.

We had two sustained climbs today, on the freeway. I have spent a lot of time looking at the trash off the shoulder on all the roads we’ve ridden, and there’s a lot, which I am not surprised at. Shoes (always one, never two), dozens of half bungee cords, soda bottles, beer cans, pieces of clothing, pieces of wood, bolts, the hood of a car, all manner of shredded tire pieces. The one thing that really surprises me is the number of bottles of urine I see in the ditch. And how dehydrated you poor folks are when you chuck that bottle of pee out the window on the interstate! I mean, it’s incredible. It’s like every 100th car you pass on the interstate must have someone peeing in a bottle in it when you drive by. That’s how many bottles of urine I’ve seen in the past few days.

Tomorrow, we try to make 77 miles to Wickenburg, AZ.

The last of the California canals before we head across the border into Arizona.

Welcome to Arizona! Here's Tony, just past the state line.

Brenda, AZ, is a small community, and it seems most of the residents are retirees who have an RV here. Lots of them drive these ATVs all over town, which I thought was kind of rad. No, actually, way rad.


6 responses to “Day 5: Blythe, CA, to Brenda, AZ

  1. Hey Tony,
    Just watching the morning news. Virgil had an earthquake. Which is close to Chicago. 4.3 it registered. Thought you might like to know what is going on close to your town.
    You two sound like you are having fun through all your hard work. It has been fun reading your postings. Be safe guys!!!!

  2. Seniors on all terrain is terrifying.

  3. This is fun to follow. Thanks man.

  4. Classic just classic….America is dehydrated! That is good shit friends. Say hello to fellow Buicks on the road going slow and going no where.

  5. Brendan – you’ll recall that Wickenburg is home to centers for drying folks out. So – great coffee places! Check it out….

  6. One state already wrapped up. How time flies when you’re sitting at work watching someone else go big!

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