Day 6: Brenda, AZ to Wickenburg, AZ

Wow, it was just yesterday that we were only 8.6% done with our coast-to-coast ride, and after 77 miles of pedaling, here we are, 11% done with the whole thing. Oh, how time just flies when you’re moving at 10 mph.

Today we met a retired couple who had visited the four corners of the U.S. on their motorcycle, about 25 years ago. That’s a couple folks who know how to plan a road trip. They said the thing they remembered most about their trip was not the scenery, but the people they met. I said, “Tell me about it. Let me write down this four corners idea …”

One would think that avoiding rain in the desert would not be so hard, but we are proving to be very poor at it. We got rained on twice today, including the last three miles into Wickenburg, during which I asked myself, “should I stop and put on my rain jacket?” approximately 300 times. And didn’t.

But the rest of the day was mild, and so was the terrain. I think I’m finally starting to get broken in — I wasn’t cursing myself nearly as much today, and actually enjoyed some of the riding, getting into meditative spinning. I think US 60 between Salome and Aguila is one of the straightest, flattest roads I’ve ever been on. I remember getting bored to tears driving on it at 65 mph about five years ago. Today was pure thinking time.

Tony didn’t feel like chopping his leg off above the knee today, probably thanks to the moderate climbing, and my cold has regressed to the point of an annoying cough. We’re looking forward to a rest day in Phoenix on Friday.

Here's the map in the Kofa Cafe near Hope, AZ ...

And here's New Hampton, Iowa, about to get stuck with a green pin.

This is what the whole day felt like: long, flat and straight. Keep pedaling.

Salome, AZ: I do not believe this rabbit sculpture is to scale with the saguaro cactus sculpture.

Wenden, AZ: Magnet on the cash register at a diner.

There are more than 190 named mountain ranges in Arizona. I have gotten some good face time with roughly 15 of them so far.

See, I'm telling you about these bottles of pee on the side of the road. It's apparently an epidemic.

This little fella was actually sleeping in the street, ahem, highway, in Aguila, AZ, and I thought I'd snap a photo as I rolled by. Of course, then he jumped up and started chasing me and barking. Friendly little guy!

25 miles to go and neither of us wants to kill himself -- we are breaking new ground on this ride!

Tony's dinner orders are starting to become legendary. All that was left of this when he was done was about 4 inches of ribs. I went light, and grabbed 1,000 calories of ice cream on the way back to the hotel.


16 responses to “Day 6: Brenda, AZ to Wickenburg, AZ

  1. The pee bottle dudes look a little dehydrated.

  2. have you hit any buffets along the way? limitless appetite…just one of the many benefits of bicycle touring. 🙂

  3. Even when you feel like your head is going to explode and your legs will fall off or vice versa, you must continue with these blogs. Because I wake up anxious to read them each morning and I’m selfish that way.

  4. Awesome, B!! Thanks for putting in the time to post these blogs and photos! Rock on, guyz!!!!

  5. If Tony keeps eating like that, I’ll need to donate again.

  6. p.s. Mick; my comment icon is coller than yours.

  7. cooler, even.

  8. What is up with the pee bottles??!! Takes 45 seconds…stop the car, stand on side of road, pull down zipper, release, up zipper, get in car, keep driving. This is strictly a dude thing, as the ladies would need to be extra precise to fill a Mountain Dew or Pepsi 32 ouncer.
    Ride on!

  9. GMC(SW/SCW) Peter M Michelson

    I glad your have a good trip. Hydrate, eat 5 to 6 times a day, Hydrate, Hydrate. Also there is a new storm brewing be careful and enjoy the ride.

  10. Stephanie Maltarich

    I am also baffled by this pee bottle thing. Really? Tony must be thankful you are a cheap vegetarian date!

  11. My co-worker has educated me some on the pee bottles. The name of the bottles are trucker bombs check out this link and watch out! Tony you are one monster of an eater…

  12. I want one of those magnets. Indeed he does…

  13. I am getting one hell of an education about urine reading this blog. I hope I don’t piss it away like college.

  14. I think you guys should start making biker bombs.

  15. Marilyn Schaufenbuel

    Bravo to both of you….. your website was listed wrong in the New Hampton paper but I found you anyway. Enjoy your day off.

  16. Oh damn, I just looked at those ribs……oh baby!

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