Day 8: Resting the Legs in Phoenix

After 7 challenging days in the saddle, a well needed rest day in Phoenix is just what the doctor ordered.  Ever since deciding to take on this adventure I have been constantly reminded of how grateful I am for my friends, family, and patients.

My friend Curt Kremer invited me into his house in Phoenix, fed me, let me use his washer and dryer, gave me a ride to a local chiropractor (Dr. Kevin Sherman at Iron Care Sports Therapy) to get my knees fixed, gave me multiple rides to the local bike shop, Domenic’s 2 Wheelers, where I got a new chain ring so I don’t have to deal with aforementioned knee problems again, and finally took me to REI to restock our supply of GU and energy bars.  Jezy at REI was super helpful and made my day with some encouragement. Dr. Sherman whom I have never met gave me a fantastic treatment and my knees are feeling fantastic. I am grateful there was an ART provider in town.  Sean and Brady at Domenic’s 2 Wheelers labeled my bike correctly as BIG (see photo), but also hooked me up with a new crank that will allow me to spin up the mountain as opposed to having push so hard on the pedals while blowing out my knees.

That's a bike bike.

The other amazing thing is how supportive people we don’t even know are.  I had to opportunity to attend a meeting with the Executive Council of the Boys and Girls Club of Metropolitan Phoenix.  Last year this group of gentlemen raised close to a million dollars for the Boys and Girls Club of Phoenix.  They allowed me a few minutes to chat about my ride and the cause we’re supporting.  Today people from that club showed an overwhelming amount of support by donating to Big City Mountaineers and our bike ride across America.  This is truly a group of men spending an evening of their free time working hard to make a difference in their community.

Tomorrow the CBS Channel 5 news station is going to come out and see us off as we head eastbound and down.  To make a long post very short, Thank You.


2 responses to “Day 8: Resting the Legs in Phoenix

  1. Congratulations on your new crank.

  2. I’m enjoying the ride. Keep it up! Ride locally-think nationaly.

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