Day 9: Phoenix, AZ to Apache Junction, AZ

We had a short day today getting out of Phoenix — one day to get into town, one day to get out of town. I’d say from the northwest corner of the metro area to the southeast corner of the metro area, we pedaled about 60 miles. It’s a pretty big town.

Curt Kremer and his friends Colton and Clint rode with us almost all the way out of Mesa, probably feeling like they were riding in place, on their unladen, superlight triathlon bikes. Curt is the one person who I think genuinely shares my enthusiasm for my bike, the Team USA. Most people just listen to me tell them about it and then smile like I’m showing them photos of my kids or something.

From left: Tony, Colton, Clint and Curt. Thanks for the company, fellas. Wish I would have taken a photo of everyone from the front instead.

I’m really looking forward to getting out into the country again, partly for the decrease in car traffic, and partly because you can pee just about wherever you want. It’s tough to find a safe place when you’re riding through 30 miles of residential neighborhoods. I thought about stopping at one of the dozens of garage sales in Mesa today and asking someone if I could use their bathroom.

I saw a guy teaching his son to ride a bike in Red Mountain Park in Mesa today. The kid could get about 10 feet before he bailed, riding parallel to me on the sidewalk. Now I remember why my parents bought me a stout Huffy dirt bike for my first bike, and how many times that thing hit the sidewalk. I wanted to yell over to the boy and his dad, “Keep after it, kid! Someday that thing might take you somewhere.”

Tomorrow we’re going to try to get to Globe, AZ, 50-some miles of riding with about 4,200 feet of climbing.

Dear Dad: Here's how you can free up a bunch of hours next summer.

Found this little guy in the tire of my BOB trailer about two miles from our stop for the night.

I wonder if convenience store clerks think we're on a bike tour, or have just been sitting in our hotel smoking weed. Seems like our diet would be really similar.


6 responses to “Day 9: Phoenix, AZ to Apache Junction, AZ

  1. Nice. Hey; you got some weed?

  2. Marilyn Schaufenbuel

    Ha! I like the “Dear DAD” note. I am jealous. You are wearing shorts and NO Snow in sight. Tomorrow we get a high of 18 and possible flurries here in northeast Iowa. also Sorry about your tire today.

  3. Love that lawn! Fun to hear from Tony. I hope the new crank helps. Sixty miles of urban and suburban Phoenix is probably enough, huh? Enjoy your ride, guys; we’re enjoying riding with you.

  4. Loving the posts, Brendan. Thinking there is a great book in there somewhere! Keep it up!

  5. Tony and Brendan, Only you two can have so much fun, doing something great, and yet do it for a GREAT cause. You guys are awesome!!!Keep up the hard work. Love you guys!!!

  6. Finally up to date on this rolicking adventure of the heart of America from your bike seat! So many memorable moments and pics already that I can’t pick just one! Roll on boys and keep the updates coming 🙂

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