Day 10: Apache Junction, AZ, to Globe, AZ

One thing’s for sure: When you spend most of your day pedaling up steep inclines, you tend to forget about how much 50 miles of sitting on a bicycle seat hurts your ass. Today was the day we paid for the last three days of flat pedaling and lounging around in the Valley of the Sun, as we climbed 4,000 vertical feet worth, up, up, up through the high mining country east of Phoenix. It was the first time I think my ears have popped on a bicycle.

Tony's panoramic of the Superstition Mountains east of Phoenix.

Saguaro cactuses are native to the Sonoran desert, and there must be millions of them around Phoenix. I think we're saying goodbye to them for now.

And this guy is getting a little help. Arizona takes care of its state flower.

On our first climb of the day, we ran into a photographer named Luis Colon, and he shot a bunch of great photos making us look like heroes.

(Photo by Luis Colon)

(Photo by Luis Colon)

Here's Tony coasting downhill in front of Picketpost Mountain, outside of Superior, AZ.

Superior is home to the World's Smallest Museum. I found the most interesting part to be that the roof is made out of beer cans. We also ate at the World's Most Disappointing Restaurant next door.

Well, a 7-footer.

This was the crux of the day: The Queen Creek Tunnel. This was about a quarter-mile uphill, and once you got inside, the sound was panic-inducing. Engine noises bounced off the inside and echoed, so you couldn't tell if a truck was coming at you or coming up the tunnel behind you. And then there were all the people who think it's cool to honk their horns as they go through. It was pretty much the most terrifying 5 minutes of bicycling I've ever done.

Tony pops out the other side.

And this is how the rest of the day felt. 4 mph.

Photo by Tony. I may be a tiny dot somewhere on that bridge.

Here's what your legs look like when you still can't figure out how to wrangle a BOB Trailer.


11 responses to “Day 10: Apache Junction, AZ, to Globe, AZ

  1. You are a stone stud. Except for your heart. That is exceedingly soft.

  2. B, Awesome ride dog! I was thinking about you guyz all day; 25 years ago I rode from north of Globe, over the hill and thru the tunnel down into Apache Junction and springtime. It was a much smaller less traveled road then. So YOU have discovered the joy of saddle sores, not the kind a bidet will help, but from sitting on a skinny seat all day!
    Tell Tony I am jamming on his Old Style shirt!!!!! Your legs look like shit, dog. WTF?

  3. The tunnel sounds terrifying! I hope that’s the last one.

  4. Love the “buddy” photo-from my 5’2″ view I always think of you as tall-you are a giant in my photo album.

  5. My friend Glenn in Silver City is following your progress online. He figures you’ll be in SC by the weekend. You can ask for him at the library or check with Annie at Twin Sisters Cycling on Bullard. Just down the street is Javalina, a cool internet cafe. Say hi to Polly for me there…

    Ride safe, guys!

  6. awesome riding! that old style jersey is the bee’s knees! brendan, how are you getting the FRONT of your legs so chewed up?
    keep up the great work guys!

  7. dude. riding that bridge had to be totally dope.

  8. Stephanie Maltarich

    I don’t like that tunnel..but I think your shins look awesome.

  9. You shins look great. At first I felt a little sorry for you but then discovered that your left leg is mostly grease and not scrapes. Just kidding, you guys are doing great. Makes a dad mighty proud!

  10. Damn sexy shins! You and Tony are just crushing this. Ride on!

  11. Good thing you had a nice wide shoulder to ride on through that bridge……oh wait, you didn’t. Whoah!

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