Day 13: Lordsburg, NM, to Silver City, NM

Two flats (on Tony’s bike), no towns in between, 40 miles, 3,700 feet of elevation gain, and we finally got into Silver City, New Mexico.

Then I promptly got hit by a truck at a stoplight. Actually, just its passenger side mirror, which folded into the cab after it bumped my shoulder. Definitely the least impact of any bicycle-related incident in my life, most notably that time I flew over the handlebars of my BMX bike when I was 8 and landed on my helmetless head and elbow. (Remember that, Dad?)

Tony and I were discussing what to do now that we were in town, and he was standing in front of me at the stoplight, and the guy in the work truck next to me decided to try to squeeze around me and take a right, and he almost made it. I said, “Holy shit, that truck’s mirror just hit me,” and then we rode on.

Downtown, of course we ran into two guys who are riding the same route we are, with a side trip to the hot springs north of Silver City. They’re also riding up to North Carolina after they hit St. Augustine. And the guy they’re staying with of course knows our gracious Silver City hosts, M. John and Gay Fayhee. Quite a town. We’re going to take Thursday off so I can recover from my cough and we can get Tony’s bike looked at. Then Friday is a 5,600-vertical feet day out of Silver City, and up Emory Pass. I believe after that climb, we are able to coast all the way to Florida without pedaling.

This is the very end of our 2,000-foot plus climb up the Continental Divide from Lordsburg. I don't know how Tony's doing it with only a double ring on his crank, but I would guess he's having about 33.33% less fun that I am on these steep hills.

Strangely, it is actually not all downhill from here.

Tony had to stop on the way into Silver City so he didn't hit a deer.

When you think Coca-Cola, you probably think "high fructose corn syrup, obesity, Type 2 Diabetes ..." not so. Think "Active Living." Tony's consumption of Coca-Cola has gone up approximately 5000% in the past two weeks.


12 responses to “Day 13: Lordsburg, NM, to Silver City, NM

  1. i love reading these updates every day. i cannot believe that you met two guys riding the same route at roughly the same time!! i’m picturing the “bizarro” episode from seinfeld, but i guess they’d have to be traveling FROM st. augustine for that to work.

    side note: i’m pretty sure after seeing that coke can pic that i shared a flight with tony from vegas to chicago the sunday following the parker seminar.

    keep up the good work guys! enjoy your rest!

  2. You guys are kickin’ butt! It is so much fun to read about your trip and we’ve been periodically posting your updates on BikeDenver’s Facebook Page and Tweeting about you.

  3. You guys rock – this is the highlight of my day coming home to read about what you guys did. Stay safe and looking forward to reading more about your trip!

  4. Have a great ride – – I hope you enjoy Silver City! You’re in for a beautiful ride to Emory Pass!

  5. Great stuff. Keep it up guys.

  6. I do remember the over the handle bars thing–like it was yesterday! Did I ever mention the tree that was downed by the beaver in the pitch black evening on the Linn Creek Bike Trail ? Helmets are a GOOD thing! It looks like maybe a day or two of climbing and riding will be a little better for you two. The trip will be more enjoyable when you guys are back to 100% healthy. We are really enjoying the pictures and the daily recaps. Stay Eastbound and down and watch ol’ Bandit run.

  7. I’m still thinking about Corn Nuts from two days ago. That’s a good looking pup.

  8. I’m a huge fan of stopping at a convenience store halfway through long (50+ mi) rides and filling my empty bottles with ice cold coke from the fountain. I’ll attest to that active lifestyle claim, even though we may be in the minority among Coke drinkers.

    If you haven’t already, try filling one bottle with coke, one with water for the last 25 miles on an 80 mi day. The best!

  9. What a strage co-winky-dink to meet those people doing the same route you two are doing. I sure love reading these posts everyday…..keep up the good ride!

  10. Looks like its up hill today hope you hit the down hill ride soon.

  11. America!

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