Day 16: Caballo, NM, to Las Cruces, NM

When we got to Hatch, NM, today, I noticed the flag off my BOB trailer was gone. I had been wondering how exactly those things stayed put on our 40 mph downhills, and in high winds. Answer: they don’t. The crosswind that had started the morning coming from the east, and had changed direction to come from the west, had somehow pulled it out and whipped it somewhere into a field, along with the Big City Mountaineers flag I had attached to it.

It was a long 61-mile day with the wind beating on us all day, and I hope we start to make the same travel plans as the air sometime soon.

At the Pepper Pot in Hatch, we met a group of cyclists who were out for a day ride from Las Cruces and back. On our way to Las Cruces later, they caught up to me as I was fixing a flat on my BOB trailer. We passed many of the group members later on, and I chatted a little bit with Chris, the lone man in the group, who told me he was Adventure Cycling Association lifetime member No. 10, and that he’d done the Virginia-to-Oregon ride many years ago. We leapfrogged them most of the way into Las Cruces, and found out that one of the ladies in the group will be turning 67 years old soon, and another group member is 70. The ride they did is about 76 miles, by my count.

It’s comforting to see other bicycles on the road every once in a while.

More flat terrain to Socorro, Texas tomorrow.

I know that caballo means "horse" in Spanish, and we were riding near the town of Caballo and Caballo Lake, but I'm still not sure what's going on with this horse painted like a cow on the dairy sign. Insert joke about milking a horse here.

All these horses were running along the fence line next to Tony, and then I stopped to take their photo and they all looked right at the camera. Then I got the hell out of there.

Not a lot of fanfare when you cross the Rio Grande.

We rode by tons of pecan groves today, as well as past the fields where they grow the famous Hatch Chiles.

I am imagining a sign in an Iowa field that says "Corn thieves will be prosecuted."

The Organ Mountains north of Las Cruces. Nobody told me something like that was all the way at the bottom of New Mexico.


5 responses to “Day 16: Caballo, NM, to Las Cruces, NM

  1. Mountain pics were awesome! Isn’t Soccoro in New Mexico or are there two?

  2. What kind of camera are you using? Your pictures are amazing!

  3. Great pics, Brendan. Loving the journey…

  4. Brendan, how many udders does a horse have?Could bring new meaning to the term “hung like a horse!” Take care and fly with the wind. Uncle Dan

  5. I almost hit an elk with a uhaul driving through those mountains near Las Cruces, and I think it was a 7 pointer.

    Going that Southern route, you miss a lot of the wierd areas of the Land of Enchantment. I went through White Sands years ago, and saw some stealth fighters doing unbelievable things in the air.

    The thing I really want to know about, though, how were the hatch chiles?

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