Day 24: Langtry, Texas, to Del Rio, Texas

I parked my bike at the campground in Langtry last night thinking, Well, that kind of sucked. Tomorrow will be better.

Then the wind blew at about 25 mph all night, blowing the tent walls against my head and howling through the decaying buildings surrounding us. When we left the Judge Roy Bean Museum this morning [DAD: Judge Roy Bean did not name Langtry after Lillie Langtry, although he told her that in letters. He also never actually met Lillie Langtry.], the wind was in our face at 30 mph.

But we pedaled. I was in my granny gear on the uphills, then on the flats, and on some of the downhills, I could shift one or two gears up. That was it. That Mother Nature, she is a bitch sometimes.

Exactly what you want to see when you're out for a nice Sunday bike ride!

We covered the first 29 miles in 5 hours. After the first couple hours, I said to Tony, “It’s got to get better. We just need to keep pedaling.”

And, for the next eight hours, this played repeatedly in my head:

And it never got better. Wait, when it got dark, completely dark, for our last 5 miles of riding into Del Rio, the wind finally stopped. What a day. At least it didn’t rain on us.

Tomorrow will be better. Onto Camp Wood, Texas!


11 responses to “Day 24: Langtry, Texas, to Del Rio, Texas

  1. I am almost positive tomorrow will be better. Just have Faith !!

  2. A morning in Wood. Usually it’s the other way around.

  3. BL – You friggen rock!!!! You are my hero! Keep pedaling!!!!!!

  4. Yo-keep moving forward B!

  5. You are doing more good than you realize with your ride and blog! The video you posted got ME motivated today, and I am now forwarding it to a friend who is going through a hard time! Thank you Brendan!!! Keep on Going! WhooHoo!

  6. Rock on guyz!!!


    Capturing the wind in a photo that expresses it’s effect takes talent, but I knew you were smart by your use of a reflective vest. I wonder if aero bars are in your future?

  8. With all the pain that is being delivered I’m sort of missing experiencing this type 3 fun with you…Just smashed my head against my keyboard for some office pain. You two are doing amazing and keep up the good work!!!!

  9. Wow. That is just plain tough.

  10. It was nice meeting Brandon in Brackettville on Monday. We’re sure you enjoyed your tail wind after yesterday’s head wind. We forgot to warn you about the Louisiana roads. The only 4 flats that we’ve gotten so far in our 1600 miles were in that state. Good luck!

  11. Aaron & Krista

    Kickin ass!

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