Day 25: Del Rio, Texas, to Uvalde, Texas

I was ready for anything today, including headwinds, rain, flat tires, cramps, maybe a guy riding alongside me hitting me in the crotch with a wiffle ball bat for the entire 85 miles, whatever.

But the first 30 miles went by with a tailwind gently pushing me all the way to Bracketville, and who should I run into but Craig and Cathy, just walking down the road towards me on their rest day. They’re also doing the Southern Tier, but in the opposite directionIn the course of our chat, Craig said, Hey, you ought to just keep going with this tailwind all the way to Uvalde, instead of riding into it for your last 20 miles into Camp Wood — the road to which, by the way, being curvy, narrow and hilly.

Well, Craig, that’s the best idea I’ve heard in days. So when I finally found Tony at Daddy’s Grill in Bracketville, we amended our route again and decided to head to Uvalde, off the Adventure Cycling Route. And tomorrow, what the hell, we’re going to ride into San Antonio, shaving a couple miles off our route to Austin. I don’t really care where we go, as long as I get to the ocean around March 29th.

Massive tailwind behind us, we pulled into Uvalde at 4 p.m., did some laundry, and went to have dinner at Jack’s Steakhouse.

Waitress: I could never ride my bike across the country.
Brendan: I know, I’m actually not that into it, either.

To San Antonio!

Look who's pedaling in the middle ring! And this is going uphill. Quite a day.

That's more like it.

Josh or Nick: Your "Bubba" bike license plate is on its way. First one to e-mail me gets it.

I believe we are heading out of the desert -- we're starting to see trees taller than 10 feet tall again.

And farmland! Green things grow here. I feel like we were in the desert forever.


8 responses to “Day 25: Del Rio, Texas, to Uvalde, Texas

  1. So by now you must be at the half way point! Nice going guys! 4 weeks left give or take a few………

  2. Awesome guyz!!!!!!!!!!! Rock on!!!!!

  3. your comment to the waitress struck me as hilarious for some reason! maybe it was the tone in which i imagined you saying it. awesome.

    keep up the good work!

  4. ps, I love the waitress comments, especially with a veggie at a steak house!!!!

  5. Bubba! It’s mine. What a great find!

  6. Daryl Charley would approve of the American flag bandanda.

  7. HOT DOG! You boys are nearly to the hill country!

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