Day 26: Uvalde, Texas, to San Antonio

Guy outside gas station in Uvalde this morning: Where y’all headed?
Me: Florida.
Guy: Yeah?
Me: Yeah, it’s a long ride.
Guy: I can’t believe that big guy over there can even ride a bicycle! Look how tall he is!
Me: Yup, he’s a lot faster than me.

And then we started what would turn out to be an 88-mile day into downtown San Antonio. After about 40 miles, we stopped in a cafe in Hondo for lunch, and Tony finally got to ask someone else how tall they were: A 6’10” Texas Ranger. They had a short conversation, and Tony will always regret not asking to get his photo taken with the ranger.

We finally left Highway 90, which we’ve been following since Van Horn, Texas, and spent about 15 miles on farm roads before entering San Antonio from the west during rush hour. Our first 10 miles of riding in town was pretty terrible, in a suburban neighborhood where they’re not used to bikes, but lots of folks still found the courage to pass us at 40 mph with a foot of room. It was pretty butt-clenching for a while there, but we didn’t get a single honk or obscenity yelled at us the whole time. Thankfully, we were able to get on Commerce Street and have a much more friendly ride for the last 8 miles or so, ending above the Riverwalk in downtown San Antonio.

Tomorrow, we’re taking an easy day, leaving late and heading for San Marcos, Texas, a little over halfway to Austin.

I found a sweet old traffic cone in the ditch, to replace my missing BOB flag. It was pretty heavy, though, so I got rid of it after a couple miles.

The Sabinal River outside Sabinal, Texas.

I stopped at Haby's Alsatian Bakery in Castroville for donut No. 3 of the trip, and was trying to take a photo of one of these giant cinnamon rolls through the bakery case, and one of the ladies working there suggested I take it out and hold it for the camera. Grandma, I hope you are reading this. These are only $7.99.


8 responses to “Day 26: Uvalde, Texas, to San Antonio

  1. please tell me you ate that thing!

  2. how did you resist a nap under that shade tree? that thing is just begging for a couple of people to rest under it

  3. Awesome!!!!!!!!! Rock on!!

  4. Even though that Texas Ranger was 6’10”, he’d still have nothing on Chuck Norris

  5. I will never look up to you again if you did not take down that big beast of a cinnamon roll….dam that looks so good!

  6. Why do I feel like there are dead bodies in that river?

  7. Now THAT is a roll I can respect.

  8. Aaron & Krista

    I hope you ate the hell out of that roll!

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