Day 31: La Grange, Texas, to Navasota, Texas

Well, I made it more than 1,500 miles before a passing motorist finally threw something at me. The good news was they threw three objects at me and only hit me twice. And the objects were all bite-size powdered donuts. And the thrower was Mitsu.

You make a couple “Yeah, and then you guys could just keep driving by and throwing donuts at us” jokes, and some people aren’t going to let it go.

East Texas is not yet the flat paradise we have envisioned. We had 69 miles of rolling hills today. James stuck around to grind out another day with us, and wisely ordered two breakfasts at the restaurant this morning. He rode a total of 150 miles with us over two days, and he hadn’t ridden his bike in about 3 months. It was great to have a third person along to chat with and give us a break from our regular routine, which usually has us riding a couple miles apart, and me talking to myself, yelling old-school hip-hop verses at cows and horses, or narrating in a British accent.

As of the end of the day, we have approximately 1,275 miles left until St. Augustine and the end of our trip. With 22 days to go and the terrain looking a little flatter, it’s starting to feel like we might actually finish this thing.

That's just How I Roll. In Round Top, Texas.

Nailed, by a donut!

Undermining the sanctity of hills since the late 1800s.

Thanks for the escort, James. Nothing like getting off the couch, ripping off 150 miles and then heading back to the office on Monday.


4 responses to “Day 31: La Grange, Texas, to Navasota, Texas

  1. Yeah first comment kicking shit off for America! What a great weekend for America! This is truly amazing! Leonard remember when I thru that donor out at Pikes pike?

    Steph, Syd, Mitsu you all rock!

    Love BCM FOR AMERICA!!!!!!!

  2. Rock on!!!

  3. Nicholas M Kolbet

    guys, just getting caught up with your ride. looks like you’re getting it done. Haven’t had anyone throw donuts at me in all my time but have had pickups give cans of beer and offer rides. A lot better than the ending of Easy Rider either way.
    I’m very interested in joining you for a week or so-March 22nd thru 31st timeframe. haven’t figured out the bike logistics yet. I am prepared to go through the initiation process. Let me know where that puts you and I’ll work it out. Southern by the grace of God!

  4. I’m surprised the camo pants didn’t help hide you from the donut onslaught.

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