Day 33: Coldspring, Texas, to Silsbee, Texas

Yesterday, during a break in traffic on the Road From Hell, a 100-pound rottweiler came busting out of someone’s front yard, running at me like I had just caught a pass over the middle.

I rather dislike getting chased by barking dogs, especially when there’s a lot of traffic. I found out yesterday that I like barking dogs more than stocky Rottweilers who do not bark. Not barking is way worse. It’s like they’re not even trying to scare you or let you know that you’re on their turf. It’s like they want to eat you.

And today, I found out the only thing I like less than getting chased by a non-barking 100-pound Rottweiler is getting chased by a non-barking 100-pound Rottweiler while I’m pedaling uphill. Jesus Christ, some days I wish dogs understood what bicycles were.

Still, we’re getting pretty used to it, having a water bottle ready to squirt the dogs that get too close. I was chased by four yesterday and four today, including a yellow lab who ran out in front of a truck to chase me down. And we assume it’s only going to get worse as we get closer to the end of our trip, especially after we met a couple of cyclists coming the other way on the Southern Tier who have already run out of pepper spray once.

Max and Maya are rad. They are riding a tandem from Florida to Austin, then up to Montana, then Seattle. They are having a blast, it seems from our talk with them.

Our terrain seems to be flattening out as we get ready to leave Texas, and the humidity has arrived, making me think we are officially in the South. We were pouring buckets of sweat today, even though the temperature was only in the high 60s. I’m glad we came through at this time of the year instead of a month later, which was our original plan.

We’re hoping to make De Ridder, Louisiana, tomorrow evening, ending our 18-day-long stint in Texas. No offense, Texas, but we really need to get going. It has been fun.

Max and Maya!

We rode through some of the Big Thicket region today. There's actually a train going by about 150 feet from the road here, you just can't see it through that dense forest. But I could hear it.

Of course, large parts of the forest are logged -- here's an area in various stages of just logged, replanted, and semi-old growth.


Convenience Store Clerk in Coldspring, Texas: Wow, you almost hit your head on that sign.
Tony: Yup, dangerous place.
Clerk: Have you ever seen that movie where Bruce Lee fights the tall guy?
Tony: Nope, haven’t seen that one.
Clerk: Yeah, it’s Bruce Lee and this big guy.
Tony: Yeah.


9 responses to “Day 33: Coldspring, Texas, to Silsbee, Texas

  1. Dude! You’re posts are getting freaking better every day! That land you’re looking at all logged off is what i planted in years ago. Same kinda country. Absolutely, hands down, the hardest thing I ever did for pay. Rock on!!!!

  2. Ha – too funny ! I understand about the dog thing……that would be scary no matter what !

  3. Bruce Lee beating up Lew is harder to believe than Arnold killing Wilt the Stilt in Conan the Destroyer, but both are pretty sweet!

    Ride on, guys!

  4. Yea!!! Louisiana!

  5. I feel ya on being chased by dogs. When I was a kid I was chased by one and actually outran it…but after I finally escaped my lace wrapped around the pedal and I ended up crashing in a ditch. Classic move.

    Great job guys! Hope the weather stays good for you all the way.

  6. Love the story about Skinny and the store clerk – too funny!

  7. Dogs=headlocks remember that…

    this is a amazing blog………..

  8. Texas would not be complete with a football reference. Well done.

  9. Aaron & Krista

    Great fight seen, LOVED IT! Keep rockin!

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