Day 34: Silsbee, Texas, to DeRidder, Louisiana

Today, we got buzzed so closely by a semi that we both went off the road, and then some nice people gave us free fruit, and then a guy in a Jeep honked at me and yelled “F#%* yeah!” So it was kind of a mixed bag of emotions.

I don’t know what it is about truck drivers carrying wood chips to the Georgia Pacific plywood plant in Bon Wier, Texas, but I know four of them passed me in the past three days and left about three feet of air between me and a headstone. Two of them were today, just as we were about to leave Texas. Thanks, guys, appreciate it.
And then we crossed the Sabine River and rolled into Louisiana, and met Pete and Dee Fields, who just recently decided to have their natural produce store open from noon to 3 p.m. on Wednesdays. We stopped in at 2:30, and Dee refused to let us pay for any fruit. Then we had about as much fun talking to two people as you can have in 30 minutes. Pete and Dee grow just about everything on their farm south of Merryville, Louisiana, and don’t use chemicals. Dee said, “I grow enough for the bugs to have some, too.” Pete and Dee are like a little Whole Foods on the side of Highway 190, except there’s no marketing, and they’re not trying to make money off anyone.

Our 70-mile-plus days aren’t feeling too bad in the flatlands of east Texas and Louisiana. Hopefully this terrain, and fair weather keeps up. And my arches don’t blow out, and my ass holds up. We estimate we have 16 days left now.

Not far out of Silsbee this morning, we ran into Dylan, who's riding west from Jacksonville. A couple miles later, a guy drove up next to Tony and told him about an injured cyclist a couple miles back, who had two guys helping him out. It took us a while to figure out he had passed the three of us talking, then somehow gotten behind us again, and caught up to Tony to tell him about ... us.

Tony ate this.

The ladies who run the hardware store in Kirbyville, Texas, refuse to tolerate pants that are sagged.

What's awesome about this sign is that it's at the entrance to the Georgia-Pacific plywood plant in Bon Wier, Texas, where all those semi trucks go after they try their best to almost hit cyclists on the highway.

There wasn't a welcome sign when we entered Louisiana, so I made one.

Tony chatting with Pete and Dee Fields.

From the highway entering DeRidder, you can see probably hundreds (thousands?) of FEMA trailers from Hurricane Katrina. At one point, I think there were 21,000 of them, and they all went up for sale.

Our official plan.


8 responses to “Day 34: Silsbee, Texas, to DeRidder, Louisiana

  1. 16 days is soo soon! Keep with the queso, Tony, looks yummy.

  2. You freakin rock.

  3. I hope the ladies in Kirbyville are fans of General Larry Platt. “Can’t buy no hammer with your pants on the ground.” Keep it up guys–woo hoo!

  4. Rock on guyz!!!!!! Love the Welcome sign!!

  5. Welcome to the Bayou! Keep Going!

  6. I would have to sit for days after eating that crap Skinny eats!!! 😉

  7. Aaron & Krista

    Thats it, I’m going for a burrito just like that one.

  8. I’m a resident of DeeeeRidder. Just saying hello!

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