Day 37: St. Francisville, Louisiana, to Franklinton, Louisiana

Hunter with his son at gas station in Norwood, Louisiana: Where y’all headed?
Me: Florida.
Hunter: Well, you ain’t gonna make it there by lunch.

At some point today, I think both of us probably thought we picked the wrong day to schedule a 96-mile ride — it was hilly, a stark contrast to the past few days, and our route wound all over the place, so we could never really latch on to a good tailwind.
But we had a good, all-day grind on shoulderless roads for almost the entire day, including some of the worst roads we’ve ridden on the whole route, which sometimes look like they’ve had the potholes patched by someone dropping asphalt from a helicopter. Everyone who passed us was courteous to a couple of bikers clogging up the traffic lanes at 10 mph, but I still give my rearview mirror quite a workout checking for everyone who passes me. I’m ready for some shouldered roads any time this route decides it wants to give them to me.

We ran into a group of road cyclists from Baton Rouge this morning, and they were cheery and helpful. I think this may be the first group of people we’ve seen riding the same roads as us since we were outside Bastrop, Texas. We also ran into a westbound group of four people who all met through an ad in Adventure Cyclist. The man in the group was 72 years old and has 31,000 miles of bike touring under his belt.

We have a 71-mile day to a campground in Mississippi tomorrow, and another 96-mile day on Monday to Grand Bay, Alabama. After that, it’s easy money (we hope) to Niceville, Florida.

If this bridge really was out, we would have had to backtrack 11 miles. Thankfully, they're just working on it, and it's almost finished, so we were able to ride right across it.

I love it! Meat or pets.


7 responses to “Day 37: St. Francisville, Louisiana, to Franklinton, Louisiana

  1. 96 miles today – Holy Cow! My legs hurt just thinking about it.

  2. Depending on the circumstances, all pets can become meat.

  3. dat dere iz one long day……good job guyz! Stay strong!

  4. Did you consider going another 1 3/4 miles and turning around to nail that century? Didn’t think so……

  5. I kind of like the FOR SELL sign myself.

  6. For Sell? Really?

  7. Love the sign! They don’t want to discourage any kind of business, apparently. Glad you are seeing more friendly faces on your route.

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