Day 41: Orange Beach, Alabama, to Milton, Florida

Lady in the hotel parking lot, looking at us and our bikes, then at the light rain falling in Orange Beach, Alabama: *sinister laugh*, pause.
Lady: “Well, have fun.”
Me: “We are fun!”

And with that, we rode into Florida, in the rain. We punched out 53 miles in about 4 1/2 hours today, with minor hills, and tall bridges. We had F-16s fly right over the top of us a couple times near Pensacola.

T.K. at Truly Spokin’ in Milton, Florida, hooked Tony up with a new wheelset and made time to put Tony’s old cassette and tires on them before the store closed this afternoon. I think we are learning on this trip that there are bike shops who like to help people, and bike shops who don’t necessarily like to help people — as was evident when I was calling shops in St. Augustine to see if they would be able to ship our bikes home at the end of our trip.

As T.K. was working on Tony’s bike, we ate at the cafe across the street, and Tony ate two fried chicken dinners, a bowl of chili, and two pieces of fudge pecan pie. I spent the next three hours trying to clean The Dirtiest Bicycle Chain of All Time, and figuring out I have a bit of a stickiness problem with my freewheel, which hopefully I can nurse through the next 515 miles with enough Tri-Flow.

Tomorrow, we are going off the Adventure Cycling Route to Niceville, Florida, to see my Aunt Nora and Uncle Tim. If we can time it right, we should be escorted in the last few miles by Tim, on his road bike. Unless he wants to ride the Team USA with my trailer attached.

New wheels!

This hotel ice bucket is about to be used to clean my chain, which I already cleaned once while it was on my bike. I did clean the ice bucket afterwards.


6 responses to “Day 41: Orange Beach, Alabama, to Milton, Florida

  1. Final state! Wow!

  2. You guys are doing awesome!!! I can’t believe that you are already in Florida!!! I thought you might stay in Orange Beach for an extra day and have spring break!!! Take Care guys!!!

  3. FL already seems like you two have only been doing this a few days! Much love and keep your heads up!

  4. I wish Tony would eat bigger meals.

  5. New wheels….wooohooooo!!! Florida, can’t believe you’re really there. Freakin amazing……I just can’t believe it.

    A couple years ago, this guy asked me why I drive to work everyday instead of biking. I came up with all these excuses about dress clothes, being sweaty when I arrive, all the ways it wouldn’t work becasue I didn’t want it to, blah blah blah. He told me I should start biking, and if I did it would change my life. He told me a story about his friend who had bought him a bike, told him it would change his life, and in a short time it did.

    Thank you telling me I could do it, thank you for telling me it would change my life, and thank you Nick for buying B his first real bike.

    You make me want to get out and live even more…..

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