Day 42: Milton, Florida, to Niceville, Florida

Before we started this trip, my pal Mick told me that everyone we talked to along the way would ask 1) Where we were going on our bikes, 2) Where we started, and 3) How far we rode every day. For the most part, he was right. I notice a lot of people, including our waitress at Kwik Burger in Milton this morning, have one more thing to say: I could never do that.

Of course they could. This morning, we met another group of cyclists riding the Southern Tier, and like us and everyone else we’ve met, they didn’t look much like Lance Armstrong. One guy we talked to, who is 500 miles into the 3,100-mile route and has also done the 4,300-mile Northern Tier and the 1,850-mile Pacific Coast route, has an artificial hip and is getting ready to get both knees replaced — I assume after he finishes this tour.

We rode a pretty quick 62 miles today, the last 15 with my Uncle Tim, who is pretty new to cycling, but smoked us all the way to his front door in Niceville. On the four-lane Highway 85 to Niceville, someone in a white truck in the passing lane yelled something and gave us the finger, which is the first time someone has flipped us off the whole trip. I’m not sure if it was something Tim did?

We rode through rolling hills most of the 18 miles south into Niceville, and are thinking of taking an alternate route to Tallahassee on Saturday, after our last rest day here. Either way, we’re under 500 miles from St. Augustine!

6 miles of bike path to start the day!

Brendan and Tim riding into Niceville.

It's a Finn family tradition to pick people up. Thanks for cooperating, Nora.


11 responses to “Day 42: Milton, Florida, to Niceville, Florida

  1. Hey, I flipped you guys off when you were still in California. I feel sure I was the first flipper.

  2. I like it. Uncle Tim on a red bike also. A red bike is right as rain.

  3. Some things never change! You all look great!

  4. Flipped off in Niceville. That guy must drive around stinking drunk on bootlegged irony.

  5. Aaron & Krista

    He was just telling you that you’re both #1 for riding across America.

  6. Healthy young bucks doing something he’s always dreamed of…..I’d flip you off too! 🙂

  7. oh, and no, not all of them could. It takes a certain propensity for type 3 fun to do this stuff…….rock on!

  8. I agree with Mick….not all of them could. As for the person who flipped you off – just jealous is all…. rock on….

  9. Leo remember what the middle finger means
    F U K -YEAH

  10. I haven’t been keeping up with this blog as much as I would have liked. But I was wondering how the Bob Yak was working out?

  11. You look so tan!

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