Day 45: Blountstown, Florida, to Tallahassee, Florida

This was the driest time of the day. Then we got dumped on.

I think at the end of any long trip, the newness has worn off and you start unconsciously “enjoying” it less. You don’t take as much time to get your camera out, you shoot fewer photos, spend less time looking at the scenery, talk to local folks a little bit less, take a little more time to raise your hand to wave at passing cars, and you start thinking about the end more and more.

I think getting rained on all day definitely accelerates the start of that process. We rode 50 miles today, and got rained on for about 40 of those miles. We’re both starting to count down those last miles, and the time we spend not riding definitely feels idle — maybe we should have ridden another 30 miles today and tried to make it in a little earlier? I feel a little guilty that I’m not as present for these days, and that I’m spending time in the saddle thinking about mountains, and climbing rope, and seeing my friends in Denver again, and getting back to the BCM office, but I suppose that’s natural.
The good thing about our last four or five days: Our old pal Nick Kolbet is joining us for the last 300 miles to St. Augustine! We’ll ride out of Tallahassee with him Monday morning, and he hasn’t said yet how much of our stuff he wants to carry, but we’re looking forward to having him along. We’re looking at finishing either on Friday, March 26, or possibly Thursday, March 25, if we crush it over the next three days.


Guy carrying beer and ice outside convenience store, after I thanked him for giving us directions into Tallahassee: “Y’all are better men than I am, riding from f%$&in’ San Diego!”


16 responses to “Day 45: Blountstown, Florida, to Tallahassee, Florida

  1. need some details as to the last day of your trip–where is the “real endpoint” ??? address? location? etc!

  2. I am glad that even though you’re over it, that you still took the time to blog about it. I have enjoyed following you for the past month or so. I anxiously await each new post. I am glad it is not all sun and rainbows, and that somehow I still want to follow you on a tour myself. Thanks.

  3. Also while you’re in Tallahassee you should Check out the album Tallahassee, by the Mountain Goats. Fantastic stuff… especially the song No Children.

  4. f%$&in’ San Diego…….

  5. Think of me when you have a mouthful of the creamy white goodness. After all, I paid $25. Of course, I’m talking about mayo.

  6. Rainy days have a tendency to dampen one’s spirits. Keep up the good work. Say hello to Nick and enjoy these last few days .
    Enjoy making those memories that you will think about at different times for the rest of your life. What an awesome accomplishment! Really proud of you two! Don’t make Nick pack too much of your gear. Keep the pictures and posts coming, we have enjoyed them sooo much.

  7. Sounds like you are finally hitting the wall Sir B. Not bad for 45 days in! Hang in there, it will be over before you know it. When you get back to Denver I can be your belay slave for a month or two.

  8. I guess this is the part of your journey where kids would be asking “Are we there yet??” I have enjoyed reading about your experiences and I agree with Dad – these are the memories you will think about at different times for the rest of your life. Thanks for sharing and hope to hear how a “normal” day feels after you are off the road again.

  9. Must get together for mexican food and a beer when you get back.

  10. Aaron & Krista

    The final suffering will pale in comparison to the memories you’ll have forever… Keep it going, almost there.

  11. But then again,seeing as neither of us really drink, perhaps coffee would be a better idea.

  12. Nick is coming with 2 LARGE Arkel bags of Annette’s…he can take plenty of your stuff. He only needs 1 ripped T-shirt and pair of bike shorts for 1 week…if that even!
    Good luck, then end is in sight!

  13. It’s funny how time away from your usual grind can actually make you miss the usual grind.

  14. Almost there! Your ride is kind of like pregnancy – at first, you’re so excited that the aches and pains and weird stuff are noteworthy. At the end, you just want it to be over! Luckily, you don’t have to go through childbirth to complete your journey 🙂

  15. Yeah! Don’t abort it!

  16. You may not have to go through childbirth – but- you still have to PUSH!

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