Day 46: Tallahassee, Florida, to Madison, Florida

We have about three inches left to the coast on the Florida map on page 13 of the Rand McNally Midsize Road Atlas. We’re in our fourth time zone, eighth state, 213 donations, $17,967 raised, and we have 210 miles left to ride in three days. We’re also closing in on roughly 300 Snickers bars consumed, I believe.

Today, we added a third alumnus of the Class of 1997 dishwasher/busboys at the Pinicon Restaurant and Lounge in New Hampton, Iowa. World traveler and engineer Nick Kolbet arrived late last night with panniers in tow, and hopped on his bike and rocked out 67 miles today like it was a morning jog. Having Nick along is a little bit more fresh energy for us, and we have basically the same dynamic we had as teenagers. And pretty much the same jokes.

We have been riding some nice roads over the past two days — always a wide, smooth shoulder and courteous drivers. Tony and I are both trying to squeeze some final miles out of our tires — my front one, which has about 2,800 miles on it right now, has a 1/4-inch cut in it that I’m keeping my eye on, and Tony’s rear tire has a similar chunk taken out of it. We all got to enjoy the song coming from my squeaky chain for about 60 miles today, since we rode the entire day in the rain yesterday and picked up about a cup of sand a piece in various locations on our bikes.

Tomorrow, we’re shooting for High Springs, Florida, 80 miles away, and I think we’ll be able to smell St. Augustine from there.

Sign in the fitness room at the Holiday Inn in Tallahassee.

Tony's over-the-helmet shot of Nick and me.

Remember that one time on our tenth RAGBRAI? Yeah, me too.

To: Mick. From: Tony

Greenville, Florida: Where Ray Charles learned to play the piano as a child. And where they have a sweet statue of him.

Getting in a good workout after our ride.


12 responses to “Day 46: Tallahassee, Florida, to Madison, Florida

  1. You guys will be returning, heroes.

  2. well I am kind of sad to see your journey come to an end. I have enjoyed reading about your daily high lights and everything you have experienced along the way. What an awesome trip to look back on and I am glad you actually did it instead of some day thinking and saying “What If?”

  3. When I get paid on Thursday, I am donating $3 to get you to $18,000! I need those precious dollars right now, though.

  4. Oops Steph that is $33 they need to get to $18K.

    Hey, why don’t you guys turn around and go back to the Pacific Ocean and raise another $18,000?

  5. Stephanie, made the donation for you and all that you do in supporting Leonard and his amazing adventures.

    B & T,

    Keep on making miracles happen these last few days…Actually just bike back so we can all keep reading this blog!

  6. I think I can smell that lycra through my computer screen.

    I second Jayson’s motion. Keep riding. I am going to need a nicorette patch of sorts to ween me off of my daily dose Brendan and Tony.

  7. Aaron & Krista

    Agreed with the above, keep going. Hey, I think the real coast is found in Key West. Yep, that’s it, Key West! You had better just keep going… wouldn’t want to JUST make it to the eastern side of Florida and quit would ya?! Come now, don’t be a quitter! 😛

  8. I hope that everybody that is donating is labeling their donations as MAYO in the comments section. The “Mayo challenge” is in jeopardy! We need to raise about $375 more to match my pledge of $500…no match, no Brendan-eating-a-30oz-jar-of-Mayo-on-the-beach. Don’t let this once in a lifetime opportunity pass. Give till it hurts (Brendan’s stomach that is)!

  9. WooHoo!!!!!! Fresh meat!

  10. How ’bout a perimeter ride once you get to the coast! Whats another 12,000 miles.

  11. Looking like a pro Nick! Should we count you out for a couple of months with you making it all the way back to the Pacific coast?

  12. Nice jersey Nick! Where is the TBC gear?

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