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Unlike other outdoor programs that focus on recreation or education, Big City Mountaineers’ program uses its innovative format for traditional youth development goals. The setting of our program, which is inspirational in and of itself, is compounded by the significant interaction with adult volunteers that results from our 5-to-5 ratio of adults to youth for each outdoor outing.

Our teen participants are drawn from pre-existing youth development organizations in many urban centers throughout the country. These agencies recognize the benefit that a program like BCM brings to their youth and have incorporated BCM programming into their offerings as a means of reinforcing each of their respective organization’s goals. BCM currently runs programming in four hubs: Colorado, the San Francisco Bay Area, The Boundary Waters, and the Pacific Northwest.

Examples of agencies that incorporate BCM into their program offering include:

  • A Kidz Hope – Colorado Springs
  • Boys & Girls Club – Denver, Colo.
  • Boys & Girls Club Seattle – Southwest Branch, Seattle, Wash.
  • Chicago Youth Program – Chicago, Ill.
  • Christopher House – Chicago, Ill.
  • CO Youth At Risk – Denver, Colo.
  • Colorado I Have A Dream – Denver, Colo.
  • Denver Kids – Denver, Colo.
  • East Bay Asian Youth Center – Oakland, Calif
  • East Oakland Boxing/Smartmoves – Oakland, Calif.
  • East Oakland Youth Development Center – Oakland, Calif.
  • Girls Inc. Alameda County – San Leandro, Calif.
  • Howard Area Community Center – Chicago, Ill.
  • Little Village Community Development Co. – Chicago, Ill.
  • Mercy Housing – Denver, Colo.
  • Male Involvement Program – San Leandro, Calif.
  • Mission Graduates – San Francisco, Calif.
  • Neighborhood Boys & Girls Club – Chicago, Ill.
  • Project YESS – Portland, Ore.
  • Urban Ventures Youth Leadership – Minneapolis, Minn.
  • What Now America – Berkeley, Calif.

For more information on Big City Mountaineers, or to volunteer or donate, visit BigCityMountaineers.org.

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