Our route

We’re riding the Adventure Cycling Association’s Southern Tier Route from San Diego to St. Augustine, Florida. To look at maps of our route, click here.

2 responses to “Our route

  1. Just came across your website because I was trying to find some information for my sons who are cycling from Daytona Beach to San Diego with a stop in Fountain Hills, AZ. Had a bad day in Mississippi – told them to maybe use their Get Out of Mississippi Free Card. Enjoyed reading your posts. Best wishes to you.

  2. My daughter is the new Physician Assistant in Van Horn, with one day a week in Sierra Blaca, Texas. I came across your webpage while looking up information on the area and thoroughly enjoyed your stories. I have posted a link to your site on facebook. I hope you don’t mind. I want people to read Days 18-20 and see your pictures. My daughter moved here from Ft. Lauderdale and I don’t think her friends can even imagine it. Luckily, she’s enjoying working here because the people are so nice and appreciative of her services.

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